White Coin Mailers

We now have a NEW STYLE of OUR LINE of White Coin Mailers with a "distinctively different back to the basics" simple plan white self-sticking single face corrugated sheet that easily and quickly folds in half at and along with the corrugated flute!  Because these new style plain white coin mailer sheets have no printing, they can easily be reduced in size with a paper cutter or customized by writing on them or by attaching your personalized information or advertising labels to them.  Our new style White Coin Mailers do the identical job of properly and securely protecting your single, multiple or slab coin mailings during shipment.

We offer excellent quality with terrific "Made in America" factory-to-you prices on our very popular #6CM size (6.5" x 6" full size sheets) that fold to approx. 3.25" x 6" and our most popular versatile #10CM size (7.5" x 9" full size sheets) that fold to approx. 3.75" x 9".  All prices are PLUS reasonable UPS shipping charges from Mid-West warehouse.

                    Quantity                                 Size #6CM               Size #10CM          


                         500                                                      $75.00                                        $110.00

                        1,000                                                    $130.00                                      $195.00                          

                        2,000 - 4,000                                       $125.00/1,000                          $185.00/1,000

                        5,000+                                                 $120.00/1,000                           $175.00/1,000

*All prices are PLUS UPS shipping charges from Mid-West Warehouse to street addresses within the continental USA only.

On quantities of 2,000 or more you can mix/match sizes in full cases of 500 per size to get the lower quantity pricing!

*WEIGHTS: The #6CM size ships at DW-20 pounds per case of 500 and the #10CM size ships at DW-32 pounds per case of 500.  When ordering 1,000 or more of the #6 size we will tape two cases together to ship at DW-40 pounds saving you on shipping costs.

Size #6CM is 3.25'' X 6'' when folded

Size #10CM is 3.75'' X 9'' when folded