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White Coin Mailers

The Cheshire Mailers Deluxe White Coin Mailers properly and securely protects your single, multiple or slabbed coin mailings during shipment. The flat backing paper is a heavy 100# paper providing extra rigidity and protection.  The inside fluted paper is constructed of 50# paper and coated with cohesive that sticks to itself, but not your coins.

Our new Cheshire Mailers Economy Brown Coin Mailers are lighter weight than our Deluxe mailers.  Our Economy mailers are constructed entirely of 50# paper (both flat and fluted sides).  The lighter weight paper translates into lower cost mailers that reduce the weight of your envelopes, saving you postage costs as well as the reducing the cost of the mailers themselves.  Our Economy mailers are also cohesive on the fluted side making them as easy to use as our Deluxe mailers.


Both the Deluxe and Economy versions are unprinted.  They can be reduced in size with a paper cutter or customized by writing on them or by attaching your personalized information or advertising labels.    Both styles are excellent quality with terrific "Made in America" factory-to-you prices.  Get either style in two popular sizes: 

  • #6CM size (6.5 x 6 inches full size sheets) that fold to approximately 3.25 x 6 inches. The #6CM size fits nicely in a #6 envelope or #000 bubble mailer.

  • #10CM size (7.5 x 9 inches full size sheets) that fold to approximately 3.75 x 9 inches.   The #10CM size fits a #10 business sized envelope.

                                                                   Size #6CM               Size #10CM          


Deluxe White Coin Mailers (case of 500)                      $85.00                                        $120.00

Economy Brown Coin Mailers (case of 500)                  $68.00                                        $95.00

*Shipping Charges:  Buy $300 of our Coin Mailers and/or Rigid Envelope Stiffeners and get Free Shipping to the 48 Continental states.  Smaller orders and shipping to addresses outside the "lower 48" are plus actual FedEx shipping rates.

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